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It also allows you to follow the procedures leading to the adoption of legal acts.

The database is updated daily with some texts dating back to 1951.

Some of the Nor is language a sufficient criterion of Arabness since there are many Arabic-speaking jews who are not normally called Arabs.

The figure of a hundred million come from the populations of the states in the Arab League.

Advanced search / Expert search / Browse Webservices are a way for registered users to query EUR-Lex directly, without having to use a search form on the website.

They offer query options similar to the ones you find in the expert search, and deliver the data in XML format.

Webster's dictionary: Origin and Etymology of turki: Persian turkī, from Turkish Türk.

Definition of Turki plural -s 1: one of the Turkic peoples 2: any Central Asian Turkic languages particularly of the eastern group.

By default, the first language is set to the current language of the user interface.

Each document is displayed with analytical metadata (publication reference, dates, keywords, etc.) organised behind different tabs. Document information contains the information about the document (metadata).

Depending on the type of document accessed, other tabs might be available (for example Procedure, National transposition, Summary of legislation etc).

If you need a simpler way to stay up to date, you can use RSS feeds – predefined or customised.

Montgomery Watt and Pierre Cachia Over a hundred million people in the world call themselves Arabs.

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You can also change the results list display and sorting criteria.