Asian dating site suggest

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Asian dating site suggest

The presumption is that the person isn’t from “here”.This finding did not differ between subethnicity or immigration status.Immigration status seemed like a viable candidate, but we found no statistical difference between men born in the US or men born in Asia.Splitting out different subethnicities didn’t matter either. There was a subtle but statistically significant (p value = 0.024, effect size = 0.145) correlation between age and traditional values.It’s not often discussed, either between our own community, and with society at large, and we all suffer because of it.

[1]This means our survey overweights East Asians compared to the ethnic makeup of the 18M Asians residing in the United States.

One of the most common race-related experiences that nearly all Asian Americans share is being asked the question “Where are you from?

” in a situation where the asker is looking to identify their country of origin.

There was no statistical difference in these findings based on age, immigration status (born in US vs Asia) or subethnicity.

Respondents were more mixed when asked whether they personally felt it was important to uphold “traditional” Asian values in their own life.

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