Backdating checks the rules for teenage dating

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Backdating checks

When it was over, he stayed on, paying rent as usual.After a few months, he got a job transfer, and gave one month’s notice, as required by law. A: The answer depends on how your state characterizes the tenancy that your son created, with the landlord’s apparent consent, after the end of his one-year lease. In many states, this arrangement would create a month-to-month tenancy.This will go a long way to help them get the financial information they need.I hope this answers your question regarding back dating transactions in Quick Books.

by Ami A reader asks about back dating transactions in Quick Books.Sometimes it’s hard to draw the line, but in your case, it’s pretty clear that the tenants were backdating in order to avoid the consequence (the late fee) that they agreed to when they signed the rental agreement.Q: Our son rented an apartment with a one-year lease.That’s what seems to be going on here, which could give your son some legal firepower.Janet Portman is an attorney and managing editor at Nolo.

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I have started accounting for a company with no accounting system and I have to back date everything for two years. Jennifer replies: Hello Ami, Yes, you can enter any date you want for any transaction you want in Quick Books. There is only one potential problem with this, and it has to do with making sure the financial statements in Quick Books match the tax returns. Just as a quick lesson for you: companies prepare their tax returns based on the financial data from their accounting systems. If the tax returns have already been filed, then I must question how the financial data was obtained to file them, since you state that the company has no accounting system.