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Meanwhile, AT&T, Virgin Mobile USA, and Boost Mobile stayed above the fray.On Sunday night, the Verizon Instagram account had an answer for all the other cell service companies' ads, slinging comebacks that erupted into an all-out social media war.And though not quite as many people saw the tweets as those who watched the big game — a whopping 111 million — the tweets were liked and retweeted thousands of times each.But before we let grand lady of the sky fade into history, let's take a look back at its extraordinary life as the most iconic airplane in the world." data-src="" role="presentation" src="//" title="Delta operated its final commercial flight using a Boeing 747 this week. While T-Mobile and Sprint shelled out big bucks to have ads featured on TV during the Super Bowl, Verizon decided to save the cash and promote itself on social media — by bashing its competitors' commercials.

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