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Adderley pretended to be various officers to stop him from seeing his own friends as well as other girls and threatened him with legal action if he did not comply.

She would also pretend to be her own friends and chastise him for seeing women when he tried to start up new relationships.

Another fictitious person, ‘Elaine Thomas’ who was supposedly a senior police officer, then took over the case.

Between December 2014 and February 13 this year, Adderley persistently contacted her victim using three email addresses belonging to fictional officers.Azad's father and brother attacked her because of her relationship with a non-Muslim man (who was Hindu).10.Richa Gangopadhyay (born 20 March 1986 New Delhi, India) is an Indian film actress, model and former beauty queen. After appearing in commercials, she made her film debut in the 2010 Telugu political drama Leader.The next day, a fake officer told him to immediately end the relationship, before Laura herself texted him to say: ‘No one can ever love you like I love you x.’ Her former lover said he was left feeling ‘terrorised’, and became ‘isolated from his friends and depressed’.He eventually went to the police in February of this year after confiding in work mates.

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