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S." makes refusing to investigate the pos- sibility that it was allowed to happen seem kind of silly, and the Manchukuo Incident and the Reichstag fire show that inside jobs can happen. Using the most special generation's opposition to war in Vietnam to allege their hypersensitiv- ity to corruption is somewhat dubious, given the role of the Gulf of Tonkin “incident" in both building support for the war and grabbing uncon- stitutional war power for the executive branch. : TOBY FUTRELL releases her proposed budget, other assorted CITY COUNCIL madness, and more local, state, and points- around-and-in-between stuff e^rpchei djy MUSIC BLOG This week: ‘Off the Record’ gives you HAIKUS YOU CAN USE, plus more general WEIRDNESS AROUND TOWN from ‘Schadenfreude’ - in more than seven syllables This week: Mark Fagan on the tragic death of former Round Rock Express infielder MIKE COOLBAUGH and more sports tidbits and whatnot from here and afar jj Jf t U £ a j p ! Plus: Kate & K8 are still reeling at the lat- est episodes of Planet Unicorn. Terri Smith OFFICE STAFF CONTROLLER Michael Schwarz SUBSCRIPTIONS Alan Metoskie CREDIT MANAGER cindy soo ACCOUNTING Liz Franklin ACCOUNTING ASSISTANT Jenn Nuzzo INFO CENTER Jessica Cape, Alan Metoskie SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR Steve Raymond ASST. O' O g \ Austin The Domain 11601 Century Oaks Trerace 5 • Barneys I JULY 27, 2007 I THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE I 5 POSTMARKS Building a Transit System That Is Doomed to Failure Dear Editor, “Commuters will only switch to transit if they are delivered to their final destination - within a couple of blocks” [“Streetcar Desires,” News, July 20]. THE AUSTIN PUBLISHER EDITOR Nick Barbara Louis Black SENIOR EDITORS MANAGING EDITOR Cindy Widner FILM Marjorie Baumgarten ARTS Robert Faires MUSIC Raoul Hernandez NEWS Michael King NEWS MANAGING EDITOR Amy Smith FOOD Virginia B. Steinberg LETTERS AT 3AM Michael Ventura LITERA Ric Williams CLASSICAL, DANCE LISTINGS Robi Polgar FASHION Stephen Mac Millan Moser GAY PLACE Kate Getty PRO D UCTION ART DIRECTOR Taylor Holland PRODUCTION MANAGER Karen Barry WEBMASTER Brian Barry WEB PROGRAMMER Paul Warner PREPRESS MANAGER Mark Gates GRAPHIC DESIGNERS Tim Grisham, Shelley Hiam, Carrie Lewis, Chris Linnen, Liz Osting, Doug St. SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR Frederick Stanton SPECIAL EVENTS Elizabeth Derczo CIRCULATION Erik Conn, Perry Drake, Joy Fairchild, Tom Fairchild, Ruben Flores, Brent Malkus, Michael Mc Kenzie, Grant Melcher, Paul Minor, Dane Richardson, Motorcycle Michael, Rex Tarr, Jeff Watts, Nicholas Wibbelsman, John Williamson, David Williford CONTRIBUTORS Claudia Alarcon, Lynda Barry, Greg Beets, Rob Brezsny, Iris Brooks, Bret Brookshire, Jim Caligiuri, Salvador Castillo, Laurel Chesky, Barbara Chisholm, Lloyd Dangle, Mark Fagan, Courtney Fitzgerald, Doug Freeman, Sarah Hamlin, Sam Hurt, Marrit Ingman, Hannah Kenah, Monica Koenig, Rachel Koper, Tom and Ray Magliozzi, Jeremy Martin, Michael May, Daniel Mottola, Joe O’Connell, Barry Pineo, Kimberley Reeves, Josh Rosenblatt, Patricia J. The part which was left out, in what’s becom- ing a disturbing trend of analysis-free journal- ism at the Chronicle, is that choice commuters will also not accept transfers as part of their daily commute, unless we’re talking about the Manhattan end of the scale where the transit alternative has the benefit of competing against parking. STAND-UP COMEDY FRIDAYS AT HOMER’S are hosted by Bailey, who called to say we should be sure to mention that they’re hosted by him. It is ironic after the recent passing of Lady Bird Johnson and the spotlight on the significant value of opening up our Town Lake to Austin’s citizens, that an end around like this can come to pass. How can it possibly serve all Austinites, and in particular the residents of Southeast Austin, to run the trail next to one of Austin’s most inhospitable stretches of Riverside Drive for the accommodation of developers? that sounds just like the Dillo Cap Metro already has in place Downtown, minus the rails and power cables. However, in the absence of light-rail, we don’t find it particularly useful to hold our breaths on transit questions until we turn blue (or bile green) nor particularly helpful to respond to every interim proposal with cheerless variations on “it’s pointless, and it won’t work.’’] Hike-and-Bike Trail Bait and Switch Dear Editor, An ideal opportunity to run the hike-and-bike trail along the river just east of 1-35 is being squan- dered by the Parks and Recreation Department and city agreements with developers. Lucas Molandes You know the guy’s a Chronicle favorite, right? The city is allowing the developers to run the hike-and-bike trail along the curb of Riverside Drive in front of their buildings rather than along the river. We don’t even know the man; it’s nothing nepotistic: He’s just so ...

IB f£Tl1 WHAT X REALLY NEEDED to CRACK THE CASE WAS A CONCEPTUAL BREAKT, HRo UGH. I CAUGHT A FLIGHT TO INDIA AND Found a call center manager— WHO TOLD me a vert inter- esting ANECDOTE... like 20-something reviewers gener- ally on target, but Marrit Ingman's review of You Kill Me has little merit [Film Listings, July 13). The popular stand-up showcase continues, fracturing funnybones every weekend. Stool Pigeon features celebrity monologues, true stories, and an all-star cast of local improvisers. mm Austin's METALSHITHS Fire It Up by Rachel Koper P.32 Vol» 26 Mo. 47 ★ July 27, 2007 SEE fl USWHfl QDICtf CQIll FOR BREAKING NEWS, DAILY LISTINGS, PAIN AND JOY IN MUDVILL£, W-5 BURN'S SPINNING FME, AND TH£ GOODBYES OF TAWMY FAYE WAL-MART MJm rgtin Hespcrsibae Gr^mt Ti Inr Ko Uhcrois SGH2 256MB 20GB WINIMWSKPPRO PHELOADED l- Dell Latitude C61Q 1.2GH2 512MB 30Gfi WIRELESS WINDOWS 20041 PRELOADED I THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE I JULY 27, 2007 I ,500 Off on Mazda CX-7, Kiplingers “Best New Crossover” Small Crossover Category / Dec. The Austin Mazda Dealers (Roger Beasley Mazda, Mazda South and Premier Mazda) are offering ,500 off MSRP on any new 2007 CX-7 in stock now through July 31, 2007. TUESDAY IMPROV JAM AT THE HIDEOUT You are invited to join the onstage action in this casual conflagration of improv warm-ups, games, and scenes and see what it’s like up there among the pros. In particular, the developers of Star Properties specifically stated in neighborhood presenta- tions that they intended to insure neighborhood residents full access to the waterfront from Riverside with the design of their project and those statements made me an early supporter. There may be good reasons for all this, but it goes beyond any common good sense that the hike-and-bike trail be routed along one of the busiest and noisiest thoroughfares in the city while developers get quiet access to the lake. Why hasn’t the city and other agencies interested in tax rev- enue talked to Cap Metro about changing/modi- fying the existing Dillo program to make it more like this streetcar dream? Thank you, Chris Cavello Expand Dillo Program Dear Editor, Regarding streetcar champions needed ["Streetcar Desires,” News, July 20]: All the ben- efits of streetcars are listed around the article ... If it gets popular, is marketed well, has attractive stops, obvious sig- nage, maybe Cap Metro ambassadors checking in at stations to answer questions, and remains free, I would imagine people would use it. Maestro is a fierce, multipartite battle for supremacy among improvisers, scored by you, the audience.

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It was said that people like riding these "charming” streetcars. Leslie Mc Guinness An Apology Is Demanded Dear sirs, While we appreciate being included in your weekly recommended page, your recommender insinuates that we (San Saba County) are a pot band [Music Listings, July 20]. packed in Parsons” comment, I don’t think we sound that much like the Alan Parsons Project. I do also know that, as many studies show, 95-98% of those who lose weight through “diet” gain it back in short order. have “friends” who lost weight and kept it off with diet and exercise alone, those people are by far the exception and not the rule. By appt M° N - FRl i^ca^o W P ieallij/ love tkat - muck. 26 Lone Star Laser [before/after pictures online] Lone Star LASER CLIN 1C , THE TATTOO REMOVAL SPECIALISTS ' located off S. $20 (dis- counts available Thursdays & Fridays for seniors, students, military.) Additional $5 for special reserved seats. Friday: Improv Threefer features Leading Brands, Massive, and Bearded Lamb.

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