Black free prive chat

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Black free prive chat

I bought this bottle last year, but almost never used it because the opening was too sweet (16A01). I wish I could have tried it when it first launched as there are so many reviews stating how it has been watered down over the years which is a pity.The dry down is lovely, and the performances are good. Yes, I have jumped on the Aventus hype train and I f***ing love it.

Second time I wore it, I like it much more and could get the fruity spice notes, and the scent lasted all day.

This is a very big hit for Creed and their biggest seller after Green Irish Tweed. THIS IS IT :) This is the first time I review a cologne because I love this cologne so much!

The only way to wear this fragrance is to wear the original and not a clone or copy "as their is many of them out there." Only the original Aventus has that superior opulence and in my opinion, the cloners have failed as they don't use the ingredients that Creed does. this is the KING of men's fragrances want to smell like royalty? I just bought Creed Aventus during the Black Friday because I have been saving up my money for it after I tested it the first time at Neiman Marcus.

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When I stood in the line at a grocery store, there were two girls behind me trying to get closer to me to sniff the cologne.