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The Swiss Government is a federal semi-direct democracy under a parliamentary directorial republic.

The Swiss Franc is the official currency of Switzerland.

The franc stayed on that standard until the year 1936.

The Swiss Franc has a reputation as a safe haven, and is often purchased by investors during periods of economic or geopolitical uncertainty.

Switzerland is a country located in Central Europe.

The country borders France, Austria, Liechtenstein, Italy and Germany.

Swissmint is the official mint of the Swiss Federation.W e are actively seekin g for our Geneva or Lugano offices Client Tax Reporting Specialist Temporary assignment for 6 months REF E RENCE : G _ Client Tax Reporting Specialist _ 20 18 DEPARTMENT : Tax Reporting & Tax Services WORK TIME PERCENTAGE : 100 % LOCATION : Geneva STARTING DATE : Q1 2018 HR REPRESENTATIVE : Stéphanie Girardet / André Kiraly GENERAL DESCRIPTION Description of the department and structure The successful candidate will join a team of four specialists within a motivating and dynamic environment.She/he will work in close collaboration with all levels of hierarchy, with an independent approach.The mint is located in the city of Bern, and is in charge of producing Swiss Franc coins in both circulation and bullion varieties.The mint also produces various medals and commemorative coinage. The mint recently produced a 50 franc gold coin called the “Barry” that celebrates the legendary Saint Bernard dog of that name who lived at a hospice founded in the 11th century at the Great Saint Bernard Pass.

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The bank's services comprise asset management and investment counselling, investment funds, securities brokerage, estate planning and a full array of banking services.

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  2. In 1905, the Sint Servatius mental hospital for males was built by the Brothers of Charity. In 1906, the Sint Anna mental hospital for women was built by the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary. In 1969, management of the mental hospitals was transferred to two separate foundations.