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This is the reality for many couples: where is the easiest and most secure place to get our rocks off? Engage in carnal delights that you had forgotten in the 10, 20, 30 years of your relationship. With someone you may or may not know all that well, either. It doesn’t matter because the mattress is just a mattress, the sheets just sheets, the pillows just pillows. A cursory look online suggests that betrayed spouses on the whole consider martial home sex to be beyond the pale, while the act of ‘fucking’ in the marital bed is so offensive that it just about signs the divorce papers itself.

At first, you’ll see that the bedroom and by proxy the martial bed is nothing more than a location to enjoy each others company on. What could possibly be conveyed psychologically to your spouse if you were to undertake the deed with a stranger in your shared home, in your shared space? Betrayed wives, in particular, seem to be vengeful when this has been revealed as the lust lair.

If you’re beyond the point of no return, open the door and enjoy yourselves. We were never going to be run-of-the-mill: this coupling is about possession.

Our affair is like watching two assassins meeting for coffee; each knows who and what the other is, but chooses to forget for the sake of the pleasure of their companionship.

On a scale of 1 to 10, the divorced men indeed were rated about 1 point more attractive than the still-married.

Length of marriage and attractiveness were also negatively correlated.

Let’s see if the research bears this out: The very creative approach taken by Ma-Kellams and her collaborators involved starting with existing data sets (that archival material) to see whether there was a naturally occurring relationship they could observe in their all-male sample between attractiveness based on high-school yearbook photos and marriage outcomes recorded over the subsequent 30-year period.

It isn’t uncommon for marital beds to become an issue in therapy or settlements – destroy it, toss it, replace it. If a D-Day ever comes, would you be able to handle the fallout from a marital bed revelation?

As a kicker, some wives and husband demand a new home completely untainted by the groin gestures. If you’re not fully prepared to accept an acrimonious divorce, maybe you should rethink that inability to shell out for the hotel room. Over time, the two of us discovered we had more shared, specific interests than usual for a couple with age separating them.

You are, in essence, replacing the unique connection your partner has with their spouse. This isn’t to warn you away from bringing your affair partner into your home.

The big deal about marriage is “us against the world”. To you the bed may be nothing but a functional piece of furniture.

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Despite strong prohibition against infidelity and endorsement of exclusivity as a norm, many people report engaging in infidelity.

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