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Before Patti works her magic, get to know this week’s millionaires a little, here: Rhode Island native, Claudia has always made terrible choices when it comes to men, so she’s seeking Patti’s help in getting to the core of her issues. FAVORITE PASTIME: I am happiest when riding horses. It’s the worst when people aren’t who they say they are, or spend an entire date talking about ex-wives or girlfriends in a negative way! My hometown in Illinois, it’s where I was raised and is the core of my value system.

She’s searching for the greatest love of her life and hoping to find someone who will put her first, unconditionally. FAVORITE PASTIME: I’m all about going to the beach and sunbathing. It sheds light on who I am without me having to do it.

Susan didn't believe Edie, and thought she was trying to ruin her marriage, so they were never close friends again.

The series begins a year after Susan's divorce from her first husband, Karl - the father of their daughter Julie..

Known for being a hopeless romantic and a klutz, as well as for her occasional portrayal of the "damsel in distress", is arguably the most fragile of all the housewives, and is often considered the nicest and most adorable one.

“The last time someone told me that, I got Housewives.Sophie was given good money to stay quiet about the affair and raise the child by herself, and she did so by telling her daughter that her father had been a merchant marine who died at war, during the Battle of Hanoi.She went to community college and became a children's books author and illustrator.In an attempt to discover if Edie is sleeping with Mike, Susan enters her home and overhears Edie having sex with someone upstairs.She accidentally burns down Edie's house, and flees the scene.

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The women gather the following evening at Susan's to discuss the mysterious note that was used to blackmail Mary Alice.

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