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The theme this month is SWEET, and we love to receive your comments and feedback; do let us know what you thought of each post, either in the comments section below each one, or via Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtag #Italy Roundtable December sun warming bare skin. Harvest, to me as a child in a farming community, meant wheat stubble burning and the throat-clutching excitement (terror?

Pigeons roosting in holes in the wall, nibbling their feathers and bobbing their heads. A line of gossamer flying past, seeming to float on sunlight. ) of seeing the fire and smoke licking across the fields.

We’ll realise the error of our ways when we start dancing the tarantella later, but for now we’re congratulating ourselves on our foresight. Alby pulls into the petrol station, where Marco and Liv are already filling up, and shouts out of the window to Marco.

He then turns to Alice and me in the back, with an apologetic shrug. Alice and I gather up our coats and scarves and scamper across the forecourt.

Because of the car problems, Alby and Meg will be about 20 minutes behind us.

Burning fields, and ploughing and scattering, has little bearing on my experience of Sicilian harvest, however.

By the time we reach Bova we should be back together again, and all will be right with the world.

True enough, as we reach the base of the mountain Marco’s phone rings. It turns out he’s caught up the deficit and is only about two minutes behind us.

We’re greeted by a chair-dancing Liv, who is grinning like a loon.

She turns up the music as we climb in, causing Marco to duck his head and floor the accelerator – god forbid he should be heard listening to Lou Monte.

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