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Lots of super hot stuff going on with Abrina, but your favorite might just be when Jay talks her into taking a vibrator up her tiny ass, while he fingers her pussy.That's a first for her and her facial expressions when he penetrates her are fucking priceless.It's a mix of shock, horror, genuine surprise, and pleasure.She's speechless for most of the time, and she tries to keep herself from cumming because good girls don't cum with things up their asses.She's not used to posing for the camera but braves through it.She blushes and giggles when I ask her to spread her pussy lips for the pictures.Abrina does a good job looking into one of them at any given time, which is especially hot when she orgasms.This happens quite a lot: the first time when Jay uses his fingers on her while Abrina holds a vibrator to her clit, and then again later when he fucks her on the bed.

Exploited College Girls was created for the person who enjoys watching real girls doing things they eventually will regret.

If that's naughty to her, I'm curious to see how she'll react during the video. She lets me and Jay feel her perfect tits and let me tell you: they're real and they're spectacular.

Jay takes pics on his phone for his personal collection, which should be pretty massive by now.

She's pleasantly surprised how much she gets to cum today, let's just say that.

Her face flushes when she cums so don't think your monitor is broken when you watch her cum and her face gets red.

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During our intro, she reveals that since she's just broken up with her boyfriend due to some scandalous behavior on her part she hasn't had sex in a month, but is no stranger to masturbating and actually gets turned on by the thought of guys jacking off to her. When I pull out the Rabbit and show it to her, she can't get out of her skirt fast enough!

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