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Holly and fearne go dating episodes

first broadcast on 23 October 1995, on the Channel 4 network.

Four strangers - amateur chefs - compete to host the best dinner party. See full summary » Hollyoaks is a British TV soap opera, that takes a mundane look at the lives, loves and careers of a group of teenage friends and their families as they graduate through GCSE's, A-Levels and College into the world of work.

Meadhbh Mc Grath We're a couple of weeks into party season, and you may already be suffering from several nights in skyscraper heels.

But those aren't the only viable option for a night out - save yourself the misery of pinched toes and blistering ankles with a pair of flats instead.

Arthur Cummings, Consultant Eye Surgeon at the Wellington Eye Clinic and Consultant Ophthalmologist and Head of the Department of Ophthalmology at Beacon Hospital told Style.

"This results in postures being strained, neck ache and backache.

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