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But to be honest it's not amazing when you get to know Michael. If he could have a biro grafted to his hand he probably would.Morning, noon and night he can be seen scribbling away at something or other.Fond of writing short stories about chickens and looking like a well-known priest, James continues to try to fit 25 hours worth of work into a single day. (after Wags drinking panel at ASMH) Former army dude and nut case, Dave is fond of writing stuff.He can often be found asleep at his desk and the 666 on his head is only where his head has been resting on the keyboard. Mainly about himself, which is why this bit will do my ego a real boost!If Robert had decided to do something else I'm sure he would have been very good at it.But lucky for us he's written some fantastic books.With a keen eye for the bizarre, his stories can be likened to Jeff Noon who Lee is a great admirer of. Noon has taken out an injunction against Lee is not true at all.Favourite drink: Lager Most famous quote: Buy this poster you bastard.

have brought him into contact with most members, and he is generally James' right hand during these well organized and fun days out.

And all that scribbling has paid off as his first major book is due for release sometime soon. His minor book titles are hide to find nowadays as the Flying Pig has closed down.

Favourite drink: Guinness Most famous quote: Yeah you can find my books in the section marked sale! ) Stefan Lancaster holds a special place within the club.

Mr Carroll has the amazing record of being the only writer to have had something Printed in EVERY edition of the Brentford Mercury.

I put the word EVERY in capitals because I find that amazing.


Never known to turn down a challenge and always first to the bar, Dave can always be found trying to sell whatever he can to almost anyone.

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