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Then the following week, two men contacted me through the dating site, both complimenting me on my “sexy” long hair. But if I add much more, I’ll feel so self-conscious, it could negate any wow factor the makeup might have conjured.

I pick clothes that enhance my figure or camouflage features I don’t like (flabby arms).

Asked for his response to people might argue that a man's masculinity must be pretty fragile if he can’t face buying ties not marketed at men, Healy disagrees.Like businessmen Sir Richard Branson, John Paul De Joria and Dan Price,” he adds.But Healy says that, luckily, neither he nor Barto have felt targeted because of their hair.Some months ago, I decided to conduct a survey, albeit a small one.I like to date, and I wanted to know what men are looking for in a woman’s online dating profile: I consulted a 20-something blogger and a 68-year-old ex-lover.

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In fact, he suggests, his group is playing an important role in questioning gender norms.

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