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Middle class Kenyans are drinking cocktails and wine and discussing the latest in technology, business, travel, and politics.

If you’re lucky, a group might ask you to join their table.

People who love partying will find the place spectacular.

For those who love hookers, Mtwapa is the best place to find them. ngoja uone" said the hooker who was lifting her middle finger in the air.

When people go to Mombasa, the place they visit the most is Mtwapa.

Mtwapa is popular in Mombasa but for all the wrong reasons.

But all the movement should be in the hips and the butt.I tend to steer clear of asking anyone to dance, so I can avoid the awkwardness of trying to figure out when the song ends and it’s appropriate to go sit down.If the step and pop isn’t working out, don’t worry. As you enter the gates of the small parking lot for that mall you were at earlier in the day, you remind the driver that you want to go to Bob’s, not shopping again.Casaurina is just as packed on a Tuesday night as a Saturday.Get a table in the raised section on the left side of the club.

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You have two options: turn your back and dance closer to your friends, or join in by playing a light-hearted game of cat and mouse on the dance floor. On Wednesday nights, the legendary Mzee Ngala and his band play bango at Naiz, also in Mtwapa.

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