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“It’s tragic that our curricula pay homage to the ideas and histories of others more than our own.To me, this is a fundamental problem,” says Sekhukhuni.As well as chatting to your friends for free, Mxit allows you to play games and access hundreds of useful apps, all from your normal phone!Cassarica Nadas and Gareth Mays see themselves as an ordinary couple – even if other people refer to them as being in an interracial relationship.“Our obsession with the future is based on a materialist approach to space-time.

Sekhukhuni will take part in a studio residency exhibition, Restore the Feeling, that explores the trauma culture in Johannesburg.

Gareth’s family is very much like my own in a sense that they look after each other and I felt very comfortable with them.

I also feel quite westernised in my own culture and I identified with Gareth’s culture more than what someone would think I did in my own culture.

They had more of a problem that he was the guy who was taking away their daughter, like most parents have. Cassie is my sweetheart and probably more favourited by my parents than me. They treat him like a son and are always buying him gifts. GM: Only in the sense that we or they are closer and more loving. They are old school and have different principles and values.

It was tough at first but they quickly came around.

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Bogosi Sekhukhuni consolidates millennial media technology and inherited cultural practices to create complex modes of identity.