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Nasty dating

He also has a lot of his own personal life experience to share, having been married twice. I actually knew that song, Alice Cooper’s No More Mr. I have to thank you actually, because you actually sent me on this little nostalgia trip. [Angel Donovan] You know what we’ll do for this one? It sounds like I went through a process very similar to yours to realize after the end of a relationship, I had to learn how to date better, so I really studied it.I checked it out on You Tube and then it suggested some Guns and Roses, and some Metallica, Iron Maiden. And, yeah, probably when I was doing a lot of radio interviews after the book came out, I’d say probably at least 30 to 40 percent of the radio interviewers would always lead with Alice Cooper’s No More Mr. We’ll put it in as well, just for the start--just for you. I practiced it; basically became a researcher of going out there and testing what worked.What specifically do you now see that you should have seen in those first three dates, and should have said, okay, this isn’t the right girl for me, or relationship? Robert Glover] I’ll answer that question specifically, but let me give you a general answer first. My typical way of dating a woman is either just have a crush on her and do nothing, or if I did like a woman, I would usually just find ways to hang around her, kind of like going back to high school or college days where I would just try to find a way to sit next to them or spend a little time with them.Hopefully, they would see over time I was this really good guy and they would want to date me.And depending on who is talking about it, they push a different idea of what it actually means. [Angel Donovan] Where do you currently live and what’s your lifestyle like? Robert Glover] My lifestyle is I live half the year in Seattle Washington in the summer. Once you actually get to knowing them, if they’re not a good match, you better be a good ender so you can move on and increase the possibilities of finding women that are a good match for you.

It’s an interesting story how we met, so I’ll probably tell you that at some point during the interview.

[Angel Donovan] When you say you’re a good ender, that means being able to observe and see that the relationship’s not good for you, and having the insight, basically the perspective, that this is something you should stop, first of all.

And getting out of the emotion and the passion and whatever else could have been holding you inside the relationship.

Worse, it becomes detrimental with you trying to avoid being nice at all, and that can really start screwing with the good and positive parts of your personality; and your confidence, self-esteem, and inner game can really suffer to. It’s one of the things I think a lot about these days.

So today is clean up and clarify what a nice guy really is, and importantly, investigate why the nice guy, in fact, is not really nice at all. Once you understand this, any confusion about whether you are being too nice to women will be cleared up. He's the man that originally popularized the idea of the nice guy back in the year 2001. I’m very careful when I’m meeting a new girl and I take some time to think about whether I want to contribute a year, or two years of my life and go down this path.

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Now that’s a really slow process of actually making anything happen with dating. What would happen, and this is true for so many guys I work with--I’m a marriage therapist, by the way. My experience is with most people, men and women alike--I think we’re primarily talking to men here--most men, if they get with a woman and stay with her, usually the reason they get with her is she’s not too bad looking, she seems to have some interest in him, pay attention to him, and at some point, is willing to have sex with him.

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