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Online sex for chart

For reports designed principally with Durex's corporate interests in mind, they're pretty well done.

The data also reveals a lot of interesting things about how much people in different countries enjoy sex, when they tend to do it, and gender equality (or the lack thereof) in sexual enjoyment. There are a few surprises on the global excitement map.

And married people, according to science, have the most sex around the world.

While Japanese people are working less hours today (down to merely American-level of hours worked per week), its economy has slowed considerably and employment has gotten worse.

One item of note: the Nigerian interviews were done in person, not online like the rest of the surveys.

Japan is the only country in the world where a higher percentage of people report being dissatisfied with their sex lives than satisfied.

The change was made retroactively effective to December 1, 2015. But remember that there are sentencing consequences that flow from reportability.

Under the revised law they will have to register when they are released, so no harm done by the two-year statutory hiatus in reportability. The period of post-release supervision would be 5 years instead of 12 months.

In the supreme court held that the court of appeals erred in concluding that a trial judge had no authority to enter a no-contact order keeping the defendant away from anyone other than the victim (in that case, the victim’s children). Many post- SBM orders have been summarily reversed on account of the trial court’s failure to determine the reasonableness of the search as applied to the particular defendant.

1368 (2015)—the case in which the Supreme Court held that satellite-based monitoring is a search and then remanded for a determination of its reasonableness.

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The simplest explanation for Japan's sexual woes is that they're just not doing it.

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