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There are many other there are some you cant flash like the SM-G900H as this variant has a different chipset there are a few chinese and korean ones as well but you dont come across them much and they usually have some weird numbers.Now most of the other variants roms will need a patch to get data and mms working I have a patch that will work on most. ASOP CM and Touchwiz All have different kernels and the proper kernel must be flashed for the type of rom.The other variants will have different letters at the end like SM-G900F witch is an international variant or SM-G900T wich is the Tmobile variant.SM-G900A ATT variant: SM-G900M Canadian variant SM-G900P Sprint [email protected] for innovating methods, one click apps, and MM methods @magic_man185 for recompiling the binary to disable SD requirements for MM, and everyone else for being patient with my inability to understand! Then reboot back to odin and flash custom recovery or use flashfire or safestrap to flash the custom recovery zip.Also thank you all for being a great supportive community! You must make sure first of all you have authorized your computer in developer options and that USB debugging is on, you could also using adb tools use adb wireless if your device is configured for this! If for some reason the bootloader becomes locked again simply do the unlock procedure again https:// Instructions Flash the Kernel_Recovery Only either odin package or zip package in custom recovery If using Odin uncheck reboot now then flash Kernel_Recovery package pull battery Reboot to recovery (Pwr Hme Vol Up) wipe cache reboot phone then reboot back to bootloader and flash whatever your wanting to upgrade. After doing this the phone will allow firmwares to be flashed through odin.

Flashfire can be left if you want as it wont affect anything. You can flash TW roms as well as CM and AOSP based roms.

In most cases if trying to flash a rom with bootloaders they will not flash but as a safety precaution avoid roms that say they flash bootloaders with the rom.

Other Variants Roms can be flashed on the Verizon S5 also known as the SM-G900V.

For further information or to report any problems, contact or

Huge thanks to @beaups for the research and sourcecode and tool, @ryanbg for researching this method in the firstplace, @autonomousperson For compiling the source to a app for us all, @haggertk for his CID and aboot! Reboot phone make sure your changes applied the you can flash your custom recovery again If Flashing In recovery, flash the zip then reboot to recovery which will now be stock recovery and wipe cache and then power off Do not reboot, the phone must go to a poweroff state Reboot phone then reboot to bootloader and use odin to update what ever your needing to do Reboot Phone make sure your changes took.

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