Policies on dating in the workplace

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Policies on dating in the workplace

When people get hurt at work, it costs employers in productivity and increased costs for workers' compensation and other benefits.

Employees are affected too, since a job-related accident means lower morale.

There are several strategies you can use, including business standards, business ethics training and formal reporting procedures.

For example, it can address how employees should respond to issues concerning bribery, data protection, confidential information and social media.Safety at work is not something that workers can be exposed to once and no further information or follow-up is needed.Instead, it is a concept that should be focused on and discussed often.While safety should be a concern to everyone on the job, simply telling workers that they need to follow established policies set by management may not be the most effective way to get the message across.Sitting in a meeting to listen to accident statistics or learn about new procedures can be boring to employees.

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Here are some examples of safety rhymes: Another way to convey safety messages to workers in a fun way is to use a play on words.