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The engineer said there is a band in town from New York and they are looking for some material to record.The man agreed to come to the studio and introduced the song to Lurie and the rest of the group. It beams me back to the summer of 72, ten years old, building monster models in my backyard patio with my trusty AM transistor radio by my side. It launches all kinds of thoughts on how cool it would be for a lonely sailor to find a woman like that at some port that he goes to occasionally.

She has matched many successful people, some even resulting in marriage.

Last time I saw him was in valpo so I have a feeling James knows him also. He wrote the song for his friends to record but the band fell apart before that could happen.

Steve should have gotten a lot more credit for being the songwriter. Some time later, two years maybe, a sound engineer called the writer of the song and asked him if he still had it.

She told the website that a few months after they began dating in 2001, T. Miller, now 36, punched her in the face during sex, fracturing her tooth and bloodying her lip. But he behaved in a way towards me that I have to live with …

She told the website that on another occasion, he choked her during consensual sex and then sexually assaulted her."I was not ready to process what was happening [the prior year], and I have spent a lot of time in my life apologizing for not having shouted 'no' and for not having told my roommates to get him out of here," she said. [and] I don't think it's appropriate that I carry this by myself."The Millers, however, said that the woman is spreading "lies designed to wreak havoc on two happily married people in the public eye." They criticized her for coming forward now, as many woman are going public with allegations of sexual misconduct by famous men."It is unfortunate that she is choosing this route, as it undermines the important movement to make women feel safe coming forward about legitimate claims against real known predators.

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Miller and his wife, Kate Miller, said that the woman who made the claims was coming forward with "false accusations" in an attempt to destroy their relationship and his career. Miller's friends, who spoke anonymously on his behalf.

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