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Sorority sisterhood speed dating

In Martin’s book, she explains sororities emerged as a “protective league” for women during a time when male students were often “openly hostile” to women newly admitted to college.“The few who were courageous enough to brave outspoken ridicule or veiled slur were sadly in need of the moral support that the sorority could give,” Martin wrote.According to this girl, how males on campus will perceive their new sisters plays a role in who’s chosen. And if we flip back to Martin’s account of the early version of sisterhood, we see the sorority as a place for women to come together as human beings, without a stamp of “hot or not” on their foreheads. As one of a crowd she lost self-consciousness,” Martin wrote.Every night of Rush, each sorority house gets together to discuss whom they will eliminate. “Here with friends she need not be on parade…For the first generation of college girls the sorority was primarily a humanizing agency.” In her book Pledged: The Secret Life of Sororities, Alexandra Robbins went undercover and closely integrated herself in the sorority system.The girls began to unveil their t-shirts finding colorful tees with the typical whimsical themes.But the girls joining the Delta Theta sorority were in for a different type of theme that came as quite a surprise to many.

Sorority recruitment: a week-long event full of screaming, clapping and girl-on-girl speed dating.

“From the close communion of heart and soul in those days of trial sprang the impulse to form a sisterhood.” Today, this is how joining the sisterhood works (though it may vary slightly depending on school): On the first day of Rush, girls visit a series of sorority houses and enter a process of speed dating, speaking with a few girls from each house for five minutes.

After those five minutes are up, the sorority sister ranks the new girl on a scale of one to five, and those rankings are later tallied up to determine who will be eliminated. I spoke with a sorority alumna, whom we’ll call Sarah, and asked her to be frank about the selection process.

Martin, the Grand President of Tri Delta from 1889-1893, labors over the history of sororities from their earliest existence.

As it happens, when opportunities for women to study arose in the mid-1800s, it was natural that college girls would want to become members of the secret organizations in which men had been taking part since the early 1800s.

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A built-in social network, people to go to the dining hall with, a group of girls who remind you daily about how pretty you are. But recently, Jezebel posted a series of leaked documents; that reveal the complex requirements of a sorority sister during and prior to Rush.