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Let’s start there with the most pertinent question in this new age of psychobabble, open sexual expression, and deeply rooted needs for healing the Earth and ourselves.Tantra is not sex and sex is not necessarily Tantric.It’s ultimately about living bliss, not just feeling it.” Tantric healing arts, or practices, are just that: daily steps that support us in opening up to love and ultimately meeting our Beloved.Let’s face it if we meditate, practice yoga, eat purely and exercise regularly we will achieve a sense of wellness and balance that feels good to the body and soul.

It’s this inner light that reverberates and attracts others to us. The first part – ‘tan’ means “to expand, weave together or join” and the second part of the word ‘tra’ means “tool”.Everyone on Sensual Spirit is personally vetted and each profile is checked to make sure that the member is suitable for this virtual community.I have got my ‘scan time’ down to a record three seconds and can ascertain almost instantly whether someone is genuine or not.So very clearly we are offered ancient tools to support us in expanding and joining with ourselves, a partner, and the Divine (and not necessarily at separate times.) Michael Mirdad, international spiritual leader, healer, and author has taken care to discern Tantra from sacred sexuality.He says, in his book , An Introduction to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality, “Sacred sexuality is about experiencing levels of ecstatic bliss and unconditional love (usually only attainable through prolonged practice of advanced meditation techniques) and, most importantly, bringing these experiences into our daily lives.

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