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"I think we both envisioned it as a one-shot and were surprised when fans asked for more.We continued to do Sabrina stories off and on in Mad House until 1969 when we were flabbergasted to hear it was to become an animated [TV series].This series ran for 32 issues, between 1997 and December 1999.The new series incorporated elements from the live-action sitcom, including modernized fashions and appearances for the aunts, and Salem's personality and backstory.However, elements of the live-action sitcom (Salem's backstory, the modernized appearances of Hilda and Zelda) were retained, along with the name of Sabrina's hometown (Greendale) from Sabrina the Animated Series being incorporated into the comics.The conventional setting lasted until issue #57, published in 2004, when the comic underwent a manga makeover (see below).

Also living with the three women as the family pet is Salem Saberhagen, a witch who's been turned into a cat as punishment for world domination attempts.Another format was a series of paperback novels (see list below) written by various authors, including Nancy Holder, Diana G.Gallagher, and Mel Odom, as well as a late 1990s/early 2000s animated series set in the original Archie Comics continuity, where Sabrina already knows about her powers while in junior high.Issues #58-100 of the 'manga makeover' series were released digitally as Sabrina Manga #1–43.A four-issue spin-off mini-series featuring Salem as a young boy (predating his attempts at conquest later in life and his transformation into a cat) was published in 2009.

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The miniseries was written by Ian Flynn and illustrated by Chad Thomas. In 2015, "New Riverdale" was introduced, rebooting the entire original Archie lineup in favor of a realistic aesthetic aimed at older readers.

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