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Mr Davies, an Oxford University graduate, had worked for the party for two years, after volunteering for the Conservatives in London.Vincent Bailey, a close friend and colleague Mr Davies, paid tribute to him.Tributes were paid to Ben Davies, the deputy chief of staff of the Welsh Conservative Group in the National Assembly.Mr Davies, 32, had recently bought his first home with his fiancée Emily Russ in Cardiff, and the couple were preparing due to get married in three weeks’ time.Mr Boles was a close ally of David Cameron in his drive to modernise the Tory party, serving as minister between 20.He said austerity was the right policy when the deficit stood at 10 per cent of GDP, but it was “absolutely fine” for the deficit to remain at its current level of around 2.6 per cent indefinitely. Many governments run a deficit at that sort of level, year in year out.” On the danger of continuing with austerity, Mr Boles said: “We can't expect to be re-elected if we have no new story to tell and no new direction.” At the last election, Labour vowed to plough £250bn into infrastructure, arguing: “Our country and its people have been held back by a lack of investment in the backbone of a modern economy”.A Conservative former minister has reported a string of threatening tweets to the police after being named as a "Brexit mutineer" in a newspaper article.

It comes as the MPs began the second day of line-by-line scrutiny of the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, which will transfer EU law onto the domestic statute books.Dent Coad also called Tory Shaun Bailey a ‘free-loading scumbag’ and said he was ‘not welcome’ in her Kensington constituency in the post which dates back to 2010.It was brought into the public eye yesterday when political website Guido Fawkes drew attention to it online.The reason why it is a bit wobbly is because it doesn't have a clear direction and a clear set of policies.” The intervention is unlikely to be welcomed by Mr Hammond, who is expected to stick to the target of removing the deficit by the mid-2020s on Budget Day on 22 November.But it delivers a boost to Labour, making it harder for the Conservatives to attack the party’s economic message that austerity is self-defeating and must end.

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‘All our thoughts are just with Emily at the moment.’ Mr Davies was treated in Athens after the accident last Sunday, but passed away yesterday after failing to wake from his coma.