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The great thing about mentoring partnerships is the long-term effects.

The more kids are mentored now, the stronger and more self-sufficient upcoming generations will be — a return on investment that means, of course, more mentors.

Buddy’s impact, the size and caliber of his demonstrable love, has permeated my whole way of thinking.

It’s what drives me to be a better father, a better husband, a better pastor, a better teacher, a better mentor.

Hospital staff had left them at the curb to manage for themselves, and the wife had neither the strength to lift him nor the will to touch him because he was in so much pain.

Buddy walked straight to the couple, offered to help, enlisted me to assist with the lifting, and prayed for the family once they were settled in for their trip home.

But it’s clear mentoring programs— introducing kids to clever new inventions, the joys of books, colorful paintings in a museum, the smell of oak trees — help children start to see possibilities for themselves they didn’t even know existed.

Let’s work together to make kids the center of a better future for Georgia by supporting increased funding, making donations, referring mentors — or developing trusting relationships with kids ourselves. Thigpen has worked in district, private, and charter schools in Georgia.

I care intensely about mentoring because it made me who I am. I was born white, male, and to a middle-income family.

Tens of thousands of Georgia children weren’t born into privileged settings like mine.

He taught my wife, Joy, and me there are no limitations on what we can do — that our ideas and dreams may be beyond the horizon, but absolutely worth pursuing.

Once as we were leaving a hospital together, Buddy saw a tearful young woman struggling to move her ailing husband from a wheelchair into their car.

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