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Instead you just want the file to automatically open when they click on the link that you provide.A similar scenario could exist for Excel files or Word documents, just to name a few (in my testing it is not applicable to PDF files).

But we need some short of javascript knowledge in order to use it.I don't know about others, but for me it was a little difficult to use javascript along with google apis in ASP.Net pages, specifically if you want to use server side functions to draw google map dynamically.To solve this problem you can ask your users to manually configure their machines, or you can have them execute a batch file that will make the update for them automatically.I will go through both of these options in the following article, starting with how to manually configure a machine.

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For example, in my case I wanted to pull latitude longitude information from a SQL Server database and then use them to insert pushpins on google map. So I have decided to write a user control which can take care of javascript part and allows me to concentrate on serverside functions.