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Reserved words cannot be used for directory names under the webroot directory or for anything else.If you have applications with these names, use custom aliases to give the HTTP virtual directories slightly different names from the RTMP applications, such as “open_”.Click on Save and build option to recompile Apache and PHP with the new versions and the set of modules/extensions.Save only (Do Not build) option is to just save these selections in a profile which you can use to rebuild the server when required. But most often it takes only a matter of few seconds.The Adobe Media Server installation of Apache is like the standard installation.

It is always advised to check all your websites after easyapache because some of the websites might not ba compatible with the new versions and/or modules and extensions of Apache and PHP.

The Apache root installation folder is The Adobe Media Server documentation uses “rootinstall” to indicate the Adobe Media Server root installation folder (C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Media Server 4 by default on Windows).

The Apache documentation and configuration files use “Server Root” to indicate the Apache root installation folder.

By default, Apache is configured to use following paths: These folders are global, not application-specific.

Any SWF files and HTML files you want to serve over HTTP must be in these folders or in application-specific folders.

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Once you select the ‘Save and Build’ option, easyapache runs the recompilation process and will install and/or modify Apache and PHP configuration. Sometimes Easyapache might error out due to dependancy errors or any other errors, then you need to check the easy apache verbose log file which is usually something like /usr/local/cpanel/logs/easy/apache/build.xxxxxxx.

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