Who is dating tiffany thornton

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"Hannah Montana" starts Miley Cyrus and her dad Billy Ray Cyrus who also plays her dad on Hannah Montana.

Miley is really singing pop superstar "Hannah Montana", but most of her friends at school have no idea.

The jokes are smart enough to even make 18-30 year-olds laugh. the way the characters move and the camera angles and techniques are nice.

People only have memories to reminisce when the person who helped make those memories is gone.Miley Stewart might seem like an average girl but she isn't.She moved from Tennessee to Malibu and is adapting to a new lifestyle.In the show Miley and her dad moved from Tennessee to Malibu so she can have her music career.Miley's best friend Lilly, played by Emily Osment, adds a lot of humor to the show.

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There is a picture of cheerilee in the end of the episode live at the hamsterwood bowl in chiki minaj's makeup room cheerilee is a character from the Cartooners (2007) (a show also starring the character milo) See more » I love how simple and lighthearted but fun this show is, and I love how the jokes are actually funny and it isn't annoying unlike the other cartoons on Disney (where people just talk in high pitched voices and yelling all the time(boring)).