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Liberal and conservative women are caring and supportive partners.

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Weeks after a weekend in Las Vegas—which he had paid for—she complained that she was “tired of paying for our vacations.” After the divorce, she insisted on having their daughter on the days when he wanted to take her to play basketball, her favorite sport. Palmatier, the author of a forthcoming ebook You’re constantly on edge, walking on eggshells, and waiting for the other shoe to drop. This is a good thing, as violence against women remains prevalent and a problem.

My friend had married an emotionally abusive person, and someone who may have even had a serious personality disorder. He was depressed and felt confused, and even mentioned suicide. He’s still dealing with it years after the divorce. Yet abuse experts have argued that emotional abuse can be worse than physical abuse.

When symptoms go away for a while, it's called remission.

Flares are the sudden and severe onset of symptoms.

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