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Yahoo messenger sexchat rooms

The Web Site Recording tool continually monitors every web page that is accessed on the computer and saves a record of the URLs chronologically for your review.

Spector Pro is much more sophisticated than the History feature of your web browser, providing you with important details including: Time of Last Visit, Duration of Time on the Web Site, Active Time on Web Site, Total Number of Visits to the Web Site and more!

Skip ahead, instantly rewind, move to a specific date and time, print individual snapshots and more!

One of the most powerful features of Spector Pro is its advanced Keyword Detection and Notification.

Is your employee emailing somebody using a Hotmail account?

Spector Pro will take pictures of that, save it away, and allow you to come back minutes, hours or even days later and see EXACTLY what they were typing and reading and viewing.

Spector Pro will take pictures of the chats and let you see exactly what they are discussing.Reviewing the recordings is simple with easy to use, VCR-like controls.Click “PLAY” and the snapshots of your PC play back like a video recording.You determine how frequently Spector Pro records – as often as once per second.That means you get detailed visual recordings of all chat conversations, instant messages, emails typed and read, all web sites visited, all programs run, all keystrokes typed – everything they do on the computer and on the Internet.

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